Wow! Pain and stress gone. Practical, insightful healing at its best. Your stress-free practice of healing many layers of the individual definitely promote whole body well-being. With my thanks Nik. 

Quantum Theta Recalibrations

 Karin has been my shining light for the last ten years. She has helped me to heal my body by providing guidance on what to add to my diet and or take out to decrease the pain and increase energy. She helped me physically to decrease the pain I was experiencing due to my severe scoliosis, supporting ongoing healthy habits and manipulating my body via massage and Theta healing. Karin has supported me mentally through many of life’s hurdles and supported me to be stronger, stay calm and find my inner peace in moments of weakness. She is also incredibly respectful and professional in all that she does! I feel very privileged to know her and to have been healed by her hands and heart. Amy B 

Amy B
Quantum Theta Recalibrations & Naturopathic Iridology

 Karin is an absolutely beautiful soul, who has helped my family immensely. Karin has helped me to navigate my 3 kids through behavioural, hyperactivity & sensory& sleep issues, while making my children feel comfortable with her gentle loving nature. So grateful we found her. Emma B 

Emma B
Naturopathy Herbal Medicine & Iridology

 Working with Karin has been truly transformational. With her use of various modalities for eg - Theta healing, bush flower cards and essences and general conversation I gained a deeper understanding of myself and how energy in its entirety can impact all facets of ones sense of being. Highly recommend Karins services to anyone seeking lifelong positive change ..... Jo N 

Jo N
Quantum Theta Recalibrations