Karin Godbold is a qualified Naturopath - Herbalist - Nutritionist - Iridologist -  Quantum Theta Recalibrations Lifestyle Coach - Energy Medicine Massage Therapist - StarSeed - LightWorker - WayShower

Karin works on many levels to help you with your further integration of body mind and soul healing.

Whether you are having a Naturopathic Consult or a Quantum Theta Recalibrations Session & Consult, I weave into each of these sessions with intuitive guidance from my Higher Self and God/Goddess 'Creator of All that Is' to assess and assist in the present moment the up-levelling for each Soul in their awakening path to Healing and Devine happiness - joy and wellbeing.

Karin works passionately to naturally address the primary stressors of the bio system for each individual person who is experiencing ill-ness or attempting to maintain good health. This can be done with the interactive assistance of Iridology, Numerology, Healy Resonance frequencies and Flower Remedy Card Readings to help you to navigate and understand your path moving forward with more clarity.

'Beliefs' have an incredible impact with the way that we function, and understanding that the organs and body hold certain frequencies, feelings and beliefs and how they are expressed help to educate clients on the bigger picture of their dis-order in the physical mental and spiritual bodies collectively.

Karin creates an individual lifestyle plan based on all levels of health, diet and life analysis using the highest standard of care, incorporating better client education into an organic nature based whole food diet, and the use of clinically approved nutritional supplements, flower remedies, with added emotional support when needed through Quantum Field Energy Healing techniques and coaching.

Karin also has a vast understanding of Quantum Field Energy Medicine and helps to release and recalibrate all parts of the multi levels of self through past distortions in the social engineering and programming of the human and soul and help to reboot you back to your Devine Self - Soul - Higher Self Frequencies to create the New Earth moving forward at this time.