Naturopathy - Herbal Medicine - Iridology

Karin works passionately to naturally address the primary stressors of the bio system for each individual person who is experiencing ill-ness or attempting to maintain good health. This can be done with the interactive assistance of Iridology, HTMA, Numerology, Healy Resonance frequencies and Flower Remedy Card Readings helping you to navigate and understand your path moving forward with more clarity.

It is essential in this approach that the natural healing ability of the body is set free, to a large degree from:

- mitochondrial & immune dys-function

- intestinal dys-biosis

- food allergies

- chronic inflammation

- sleep imbalances and fatigue

- trace mineral deficiencies

- heavy metal and environmental stressors

- detoxification & methylation synthesis

- meridian and chakra balances

- identifying structural and muscular alignment im-balance

- nervous system support for the sensitive souls

- emotional stress and trauma imprints - including anxiety depression and the dark night of the soul

'Beliefs' have an incredible impact with the way that we function, and understanding that the organs and body hold certain frequencies, feelings and beliefs and how they are expressed help to educate clients on the bigger picture of their dis-order in the physical mental and spiritual bodies collectively.

Identifying each individual life path with the guidance and wisdom of Naturopathic & Herbal Medicine - Iridology - Numerology - Body Scanning & Remote Viewing for the newly awakening soul.  Karin creates an individual lifestyle plan based on all levels of health, diet and life analysis using the highest standard of care, to establish better client education into an organic nature based whole food diet, and the use of clinically approved nutritional supplements, flower remedies, with added emotional support when needed.

And as quoted by Hippocrates -
" The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well. "

Remote Zoom sessions are also available and times can be negotiated due to time differences and locations.

Blessings & Gratitude to you all.